Social Media has long been home to all sorts of fringe groups, conspiracy theorist, and outright liars.  The recent violent siege of the Capitol raises questions of just how, or to what extent, we can control free speech on social media.

November 24, 2020

Is the media biased?

Is the media truly biased? And if so, who's to blame and where will it all end? Veteran journalist Edward Kosner has been Editor in Chief of Newsweek, New York Magazine, and The NY Daily News and has a fascinating take.

Ken Auletta of The New Yorker gives his unvarnished assessment of the media's coverage of the 2020 Presidential election.

A juice, warts and all, behind-the-scenes look at the improbable beginnings of a whole new chapter in the history of television.

July 1, 2020


First it was Trump, but now both protestors AND the police are attacking the media. The News Broads examine this phenomenon with PEN America's CEO, Suzanne Nossel.

How The View became one of the most important political platforms in the country. Joy Behar, the longest running co host on the show tells us the secret...along with some funny, exclusive behind the scenes tidbits.

"Trump is to social media what Roosevelt was to radio, and Kennedy was to television." So says public relations guru and Democratic National Committee member Robert Zimmerman, who, in a frank discussion, takes on the role media can and should take in this highly unusual, and challenging 2020 election: Politics and the Media in the time of Coronavirus.


What we have now is a failure to communicate - in the media and in our personal lives.  No one can communicate better than this beloved and witty personality.  He says the secret is simple and that's why one university, Stony Brook, now even has an Alan Alda Center for Communications.

Where is Media in the time of Coronavirus? Well known and respected commentator Dan Abrams, founder of the daily newsletter Mediaite. He argues that the effects of this pandemic would have been far worse without the mainstream media holding Trump's feet to the fire.  Whether you agree or not, you'll want to hear Dan Abrams setting the record straight!

What really happened, in her own words, between Juliet and Bill O'Reilly? And what exactly was the fallout for Juliet and all the other FOX women who claimed Me Too, and then suffered the consequences? A riveting, firsthand account of this watershed event for women in media.

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